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New Zealand`s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has been making waves in the world of technology and innovation. One of the key initiatives that the DTA has undertaken is the implementation of digital transformation agreements (DTAs) with various government agencies.

What is a DTA agreement?

A DTA agreement is a formal agreement between the DTA and a government agency that outlines the steps required to implement digital transformation initiatives. The agreement is designed to ensure that government agencies are able to take full advantage of the latest technology and innovation to improve their services and operations.

The DTA works closely with each agency to identify the specific digital initiatives that are most important to their operations. This may include initiatives such as cloud computing, data analytics, or artificial intelligence. The DTA then works with the agency to develop a roadmap for implementing these initiatives, outlining the steps and resources required to successfully complete each one.

Benefits of DTA agreements

DTA agreements offer a number of benefits for both government agencies and the public. By improving the technology and services of government agencies, DTAs can help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations. This can lead to reduced waiting times for public services, improved accuracy and quality of services, and greater accessibility to government information and services.

In addition, DTAs can help to stimulate innovation in both the public and private sectors. By providing a framework for the implementation of new technologies and initiatives, DTAs can help to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration within government agencies.

Examples of DTA agreements

The DTA has already entered into a number of agreements with various government agencies, with more expected in the near future. Some notable examples include:

– The Ministry of Social Development (MSD): In 2018, the DTA entered into a DTA agreement with MSD to help the agency improve the use of data analytics and machine learning in its operations. The agreement aims to improve the accuracy and quality of services provided by MSD, while also reducing the time and resources required to provide these services.

– The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA): In 2019, the DTA entered into a DTA agreement with DIA to help the agency improve its cloud computing capabilities. The agreement aims to help DIA move its services onto cloud-based platforms, making them more accessible and scalable for the public.


DTA agreements are an important initiative for the Digital Transformation Agency in New Zealand. By working with government agencies to identify and implement digital transformation initiatives, DTAs can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations, while also stimulating innovation in the public and private sectors. As more government agencies enter into DTA agreements with the DTA, we can expect to see significant improvements in the quality and accessibility of government services in New Zealand.

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